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In Memoriam


  • In this space, we continue to remember all those who supported Stroke Camp throughout the years. 

The following is a list of Stroke Camp participants - survivors, caregivers, and volunteers as well as Stroke Camp supporters and cheerleaders who have passed.

Individuals are included as we are made aware of their passing.

Please contact us if you know of a name that needs to be added to this list.


The first list is ordered alphabetically by last name within their state. If you scroll past all of the states, you will see them ordered by last name only.

Forever In Our Hearts



Richard Darrh

Marvin Glyzewski

Nancy Namba

Al Pioquinto

Ken West


Jan Boyce

Jack Kessler

Charles Louis

Lou Pratt

Jerry Wilhelm


Solomon Kelly


Ron Alexander

Harry Bates

Ronald Benson

Tandy Benson

Louise Bialy

Doug Clark

Pat Coyle

Bill Culvey

Bob Eversman

David Geron

Earl Gift

Diane Hauri

Carl Hayden

Jim Heinz

Fred Howe

Sam Jones

Bill Karlovic

Al LaFountain

Terry Lanan

Jim Leeney

Joan Leeney

Dora Liphardt

John Liphardt

Meme McCarter

Larry Morris

Ray Pacelli

Lorraine Rohman

Mike Talento

Ron Thurman

Deborah VanLanduit

Scott Zucker


Bill Vest


Chris Ehrke

Sheryl Haug

Wayne McGlaughlin

Vern McKenzie

Ed Reif

Ed Speer


Frank Kelemen


Orlen Bruce


Tony Serino


James Brink

Steven Enquist

Jerry Larrabee

Tim Opheim


Franch Jackson


Rick Bauwens

Kevin Edwards

Irene Hegg

Wes Hill

Gary Malone (previously of Nebraska)

Lynn Sanders

Tom Smart

Al Waller


Mark Doak

Paul Eide

David Gay

Dwayne “Goldie” Goldsmith

Jackie Goldsmith

Jim Hiatt

Arnold Keller

     Gary Malone (moved to Montana)

     Don Morrison

Kathie Repp

New Jersey

Walter Carlson

Richard Leung

Mary Lou McGinnis

New Mexico

Lee Alves


James Ridenour


Mike Eckels

South Dakota

Don Frisch


John Bochniak

Jimmy Brooks

Gerry Davis

Ray Varga

Gordon Wells


     Sushil Bansal

Lois Brockel

Fran Werlinger

Gary Zuege


     Ron Brown

     Ed Schafer

     Alan Wheeler


In Alphabetical Order by Last Name

Ron Alexander--Illinois

Lee Alves--New Mexico

Sushil Bansal--Wisconsin

Harry Bates--Illinois

Rick Bauwens--Montana

Ronald Benson--Illinois

Tandy Benson--Illinois

Louise Bialy--Illinois

John Bochniak--Texas

Jan Boyce--Colorado

James Brink--Minnesota

Lois Brockel--Wisconsin

Jimmy Brooks--Texas

Ron Brown--Wyoming

Orlen Bruce--Kentucky

Walter Carlson--New jersey

Doug Clark--Illinois

Pat Coyle--Illinois

Bill Culvey--Illinois

Richard Darrh--Arizona

Gerry Davis--Texas

Mark Doak--Nebraska

Mike Eckels--Pennsylvania

Kevin Edwards--Montana

Chris Ehrke--Iowa

Paul Eide--Nebraska

Steven Enquist--Minnesota

Bob Eversman--Illinois

Don Frisch--South Dakota

David Gay--Nebraska

David Geron--Illinois

Earl Gift--Illinois

Marvin Glyzewski--Arizona

Dwayne “Goldie” Goldsmith--Nebraska

Jackie Goldsmith--Nebraska

Sheryl Haug--Iowa

Diane Hauri--Illinois

Carl Hayden--Illinois

Irene Hegg--Montana

Jim Heinz--Illinois

Jim Hiatt—Nebraska

Wes Hill--Montana

Fred Howe--Illinois

Franch Jackson--Missouri

Sam Jones--Illinois

Bill Karlovic--Illinois

Frank Kelemen--Kansas

Arnold Keller--Nebraska

Solomon Kelly--Florida

Jack Kessler--Colorado

Al LaFountain--Illinois

Terry Lanan--Illinois

Jerry Larrabee--Minnesota

Jim Leeney--Illinois

Joan Leeney--Illinois

Richard Leung--New Jersey

Dora Liphardt--Illinois

John Liphardt--Illinois

Charles Louis--Colorado

Gary Malone -- Nebraska/Montana

Meme McCarter--Illinois

Mary Lou McGinnis

Wayne McGlaughlin--Iowa

Vern McKenzie--Iowa

Larry Morris--Illinois

Don Morrison--Nebraska

Nancy Namba--Arizona

Tim Opheim--Minnesota

Ray Pacelli--Illinois

Al Pioquinto--Arizona

Lou Pratt--Colorado

Ed Reif--Iowa

Kathie Repp--Nebraska

James Ridenour--Ohio

Lorraine Rohman--Illinois

Lynn Sanders--Montana

Ed Schafer--Wyoming

Tony Serino--Massachusetts

Tom Smart--Montana

Ed Speer--Iowa

Mike Talento--Illinois

Ron Thurman--Illinois

Deborah VanLanduit--Illinois

Ray Varga--Texas

Bill Vest--Indiana

Al Waller--Montana

Gordon Wells--Texas

Fran Werlinger--Wisconsin

Ken West--Arizona

Alan Wheeler--Wyoming

Jerry Wilhelm--Colorado

Scott Zucker--Illinois

Gary Zuege--Wisconsin





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