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What's New?


Many new beginnings are happening at United Stroke Alliance. New staff members, our “Farm-2-Table” event, and the Can-a-thon program are just some of the great ideas coming from the organization. Click the link below to read more on the topic of interest to you. 


Thank You Medtronic

Medtronic has approved a grant for Primary and Secondary Stroke Prevention Program. Beginning in the near future, Medtronic will be participating in our stroke events, offering information in the newsletter and purchasing 675 Booster Boxes for distribution to their hospital customers.



Who doesn’t want to eat healthy food that is close to the source? That is the idea behind Farm-2-Table, a fundraising event that will happen in two separate locations this year. First, on July 13, 2017 in Kansas City at The Guild, and a second one on August 5, 2017 in Peoria at Eastport Marina. These fundraising events will provide information on United Stroke Alliance to attendees as well as provide financial support for our programs.



The Can-a-thon is a voluntary food donation program in which campers and volunteers will be invited to bring some food or other item that will be donated to a local food bank. We hope this program will give those attending any of our 30+ camps this year an opportunity to give back to their community while contributing to something bigger than themselves. Our hope is to donate one TON of combined donated food and supplies to those in need all across the country by the end of the camp season.


Strike Out Stroke

Since 2009, Strike Out Stroke has been a big part of our national stroke awareness. After seven seasons working with minor and major league baseball, we are expanding our efforts through other venues such as racquet ball, basketball, football and hopefully soccer in the future. Julie Olson and Ken Stone with TLC Marketing will be leading our efforts to help us build our brand recognition and revenue. By the next newsletter, we hope to have some exciting news for everyone.



Doug Pinter, a pro golfer and co-owner of Anytime Fitness in Peoria, Illinois has offered to help raise funds for United Stroke Alliance during this year’s golf tour. If you happen to see Doug on the golf tour, take a look at his golf bag…..he has the United Stroke Alliance logo on it! Wishing Doug the best on the tour and look forward to working with him on future events.


New Member

Mark Belk from Omaha, Nebraska has now become an active member of the National Board of Directors. Meri McIntire and Anne Grawey, both from Peoria have joined the Peoria Area Advisory Board. Larry, Marylee and all of us at United Stroke Alliance are deeply grateful to these individuals for their guidance and service.


Stroke Camp Quilt Fundraiser

Sarah Christy, long-time volunteer has created two (2) quilts from the various shirts from each camp season and has graciously donated two of these quilts as a fundraiser for United Stroke Alliance. A sample quilt will travel to camps and raffle tickets will soon be sold at camps and through our online Stroke Camp Shop. The cost of tickets is $5.00 for one (1), three (3) for $10.00, and seven (7) for $20.00. At the conclusion of the Stroke Camp season, two names will be drawn from the bowl will each win a marvelous quilt commemorating 13 years of Stroke Camp. You may purchase as many tickets as you would like through The winner will be drawn at the fall Trivia Night in Peoria on November 11th.



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