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Chime Strokers

The Chime Strokers is a tone time choir located in Peoria, Illinois and is sponsored by United Stroke Alliance. This group of stroke survivors and caregivers make beautiful music and educate the community about the signs of stroke, facts about aphasia and apraxia, post stroke challenges, and the benefits of Music Therapy as it related to playing in a chimes choir. These choir members are giving back to their community following their strokes and enjoy every minute of the experience. The choir can be invited to perform in the community by calling our office at 309-688-5450 and leaving a message for Lauren Kramer, our chimes director. We typically put together a Spring/Summer/Patriotic concert and a Christmas performance for the month of December. If groups have the ability to pay a small stipend the money goes for supplies to keep the group going. Give a call if you are interested in inviting the group to your organization’s event.

There are other communities throughout the country who have started chimes choirs following their Stroke Camp experience where at the close of the Sunday worship time, the campers get a chance to play the chimes. Making beautiful music and changing the stigma of stroke.


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