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Stroke Camp Cruise

Caribbean Cruises


Every 2-3 years United Stroke Alliance coordinates a Stroke Camp Cruise for anyone interested in the relaxation and pleasure of a cruise. The destination is selected about a year prior to sailing. This began when Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp wanted to offer a comfortable setting where stroke survivors and their caregivers wouldn’t be traveling alone. The cruise is open to ALL including survivors, caregivers, family, volunteers, and of course those who have previously been to a Stroke Camp. The cost of the cruise depends on the type of room that is chosen and is the responsibility of those joining on the cruise. Prices will be posted when the next cruise destination is determined.

The group is free to enjoy shows, craft activities, shopping, ship activities and games on board the ship. Our group is seated together for dinner each evening, a wonderful way to enjoy each other's company while sailing. Additionally, there will be a few times where the group can meet and get better acquainted and talk about their post-stroke journey.

Thoughts about another cruise in 2021 are formulating. Stay tuned for more information.


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